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Over 30 years worth of experience in home improvement and repair, I do not drop teams on site and go to the pub, You get me. I do everything myself including cleaning the floor. Click to whatsapp me now
No Job too small from a leaking tap, to garden irrigation, drainage and general home repairs, Call out includes 1st hour on site.

Pretoria East Plumber

Pretoria Plumber is a family owned business that does plumbing repairs, maintenance and small jobs. I offer a personal service. If anything is being done on site I am there. I have more than 30 years experience in the home improvement industry from kitchens and bathrooms to roof repairs.

Plumbing Services include:
  1. Emergency plumbing services.
  2. Toilets, repair and replacement
  3. Taps and mixers, Leak repair and replacement
  4. Drains, unblocking, repair and replacement
  5. Appliances, Connection, New fit and leak repairs
  6. Geysers, Leak Repair and replacement components and geyser fitting
  7. Piping, leak repairs, replacement and rerouting

Did you know that a leaking tap can fill a bath in a week or waste 1 liter of water an hour?

If you have leaking taps in Pretoria East, has your water bill increased for no discernible reason? call us now or Click to whatsapp me now

How do you know you have a water leak in Pretoria East?

Here are some of the signs you may have a leak
  1. Signs of damp in the walls, bubbling flaking and powdering paint, often seen near sinks basins and showers.
  2. Wet or damp patches in the walls
  3. Noises from the pipes, hissing and gurgling
  4. Water bills that seem to be getting excessive and increasing month to month
  5. Low water pressure from the taps
  6. Obvious dripping from the taps
  7. Unexplained puddles in the garden

Geyser repairs Pretoria East

Geysers have very few components, a geyser failure could be as simple as a faulty thermostat, a faulty element, or it could be a catastrophic failure like a burst geyser. If you don't have hot water, and the geyser has not dumped it's contents through a burst seam, it could mean you need a new element or a thermostat.

Is water pouring out of the Geyser overflow pipe

The pressure control valve should cause an occasional or intermittent drip on the overflow pipe. This is normal. A continual drip or pouring overflow pipe is a sign that the geyser, or one of it's parts is no longer doing it's job. Steam from the overflow is a sign that the thermostat is in need of attention, Water dripping from the geyser or electricity tripping is also a problem needing immediate attention, If any of these things is happening immediately switch of the geyser at the electrical mains, close of the water supply to the geyser, open a hot water tap to release water pressure and call me or Click to whatsapp me now.

Dishwashers and Washing Machines and appliance connection Pretoria East

I connect dishwashers and washing machines. If there is no plumbing for them or that new fridge you just bought with the built in water cooler and ice maker, I will make a water connection for them. If you want to fit a dishwasher in the kitchen and no space has been allowed for it, I will move the kitchen units and modify as needed. To get your appliances fitted call me or Click to whatsapp me now.

Blocked drains, Pretoria East

Blocked kitchen sink, Basin, shower or toilet, Is your bath draining too slowly? Your sink backing up or your shower overflowing when you are running the water, I can fix them. Call me or Click to whatsapp me now.

Bathroom Repair and renovation

Bathroom renovation requires the service of multiple trades, Co-ordination is key between the builder, the plumber and the tiler. I solve these and manage the project for you. With over 30 years of experience in the home improvement industry, I am the man for the job. I will arrange everything from breaking out and uninstalling to the final connections.

An average bathroom can take anything from 5 - 10 days to renovate. The job could be as simple as stripping off tiles, repacing all the sanitaryware and taps and retiling, or it could be more complex with the need for builders and carpenters. Let me give you a free quote, Click to whatsapp me now.

Damp Proofing

Have you got the signs of rising damp? Bubbling, flaking and powdering paint and plaster? Let me have a look and advise, Free quotes Click to whatsapp me now

Roof leaks

A leaking roof can cause damage in unseen places like the rafters, can damage ceilings and lead to insurance claims that get rejected due to lack of maintenance. We seal concrete, tin and tiled roofs. Sometimes a patch is all that is needed, sometimes a holistic solution is required. I will do a complete inspection and provide a solution. Free quotes Click to whatsapp me now .

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